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inwise solution

inwise is a software enterprise providing thousands of organizations, companies, and businesses with the technological solution and the human assistance allowing a direct, efficient and personal communication with the organization’s target audiences.

inwise evolved from the concept that direct, operative, and marketing communication is the optimal effective way for establishing and enhancing the relationship every organization wishes to have with its designated audience.

This form of communication is part of organizations’ digitation process, allowing among other benefits to minimize the organization’s need for media companies and social media platforms in bringing in new audiences and customers.

This was the foundation underlying inwise’ technological solution: A cloud-based marketing software allowing growth in organization’s leads, building customer journeys to establish a direct and personal relationship with the organization’s audiences, converting occasional visitors into new customers, and much more.

Our solutions

  • Popups & Signup forms – To Attract more subscribers on your website
  • Marketing automation – Automate a personalize customer journey
  • Landing page  – Convert leads into customers and bring more sales
  • Email Marketing & SMS – Retain and serve customers with newsletters updated, and text messages.
  • Bulk attachments – Send campaigns with personal files & invoices 
  • conversion – One to one messaging, be there for your customers.
  • Transactional messaging – Emails and text messages (SMS) with business operational contents


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