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With Webhooks you can receive data updates related to your email messages and automation activities in real time.


Set up webhook via automation guide

You can use webhooks to send real-time updates from your inwise account to a URL Web page or application about your contact and campaign activity. 

For example, create a webhook that received data every time an email is sent, opened, clicked on, unsubscribed from, and bounced. The same goes for when an SMS is sent, opened, replied to, or entered into a contact form.

Every webhook uses the same general data format, regardless of the event type.

The data you receive will be sent as a POST parameter, from the IP numbers:

Received data:


Field Description
Timestamp Date and time of event

12/19/2021 13:48:29

trigger_type The event type. optional values are:
emailSent,emailOpened,emailClicked,emailUnsubscribed, emailBounced smsSent,smsClicked,SmsReply, MakeContactForm
Trigger_description Text describes the event (can be ignored).
Email – only for email events
SMS – only for SMS eventsEmpty – only for MakeContactForm
Campaign_id Optional – for Email or SMS events
Campaign number 
Contact Contact JSON includes:

Email or mobile_numer

External_id (optional – only ic contact who sync from external database)

Group_id Group number.
Optional – for email or SMS events.
lP Optional – for opened, clicked, unsubscribed and filling a form 
Remarks Optional – for clicked
Link’s number
Additional_details Optional – for clicked
Link’s URL
ReplyContent Optional – for SMSreply
The information from the incoming SMS
Survey_field Optional (JSON type)
For MakeContactsForm event.
The information from the form.“1”:”test5″,”2″:”972-501234567″,”3″:”test5@yopmail.com”

In the case of an “EmailSent” event, you will receive the following:


trigger_type MakeContactForm SmsReply smsClicked smsSent emailBounced emailUnsubscribed emailClicked emailOpened emailSent
timestamp V V V V V V V V V
trigger_description Fill a form Sms Reply Clink a link SMS Sms Sent To Contact Bounced Unsubscribe Click a link Open Email Email Sent To Contact
channel_type Sms Sms Sms Email Email Email Email Email
campaign_id V V V V V V V
contact (JSON) V V V V V V V V V
group_id V V V V V V V
ip V V V V V
remarks V V
additional_details V V
ReplyContent V
Survey_field (JSON)         V


Add a new webhook call

Create new automation:
On the main login screen, in the main menu bar on the left side of the screen, click on the “Automations” tab, and click on “Create Automation”.

Select an empty automation template.

Select the “Empty Automation” template.
Set the trigger:  “trigger type” – Select the relevant event

Set the Action: in the “Type” field, select “Notify web Page”.
and enter the Url Name (1)

Insert your HEADER/POST parameters (2), In case you don’t have parameters, remove the section by clicking on remove “-” (3)

webhook via automation


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