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Received data


Field Description
Timestamp Date and time of event

12/19/2021 13:48:29

trigger_type The event type. optional values are:
emailSent,emailOpened,emailClicked,emailUnsubscribed, emailBounced smsSent,smsClicked,SmsReply,smsUnsubscribed, MakeContactForm
Trigger_description Text describes the event (can be ignored).
Email – only for email events
SMS – only for SMS eventsEmpty – only for MakeContactForm
Campaign_id Optional – for Email or SMS events
Campaign number 
Contact Contact JSON includes:

Email or mobile_numer

External_id (optional – only ic contact who sync from external database)

Group_id Group number.
Optional – for email or SMS events.
lP Optional – for opened, clicked, unsubscribed and filling a form 
Remarks Optional – for clicked
Link’s number
Additional_details Optional – for clicked
Link’s URL
ReplyContent Optional – for SMSreply
The information from the incoming SMS
Survey_field Optional (JSON type)
For MakeContactsForm event.
The information from the form.“1”:”test5″,”2″:”972-501234567″,”3″:”test5@yopmail.com”

In the case of an “EmailSent” event, you will receive the following:



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