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Campaigns request example

GET /campaigns/email/activities

Retrieves your contacts feedback activities list

date_from – start date. The date should be in UTC and in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format
date_to – end date
*When you do not enter a date range, the method returns only information up to one week ago.

This method only returns a maximum of 1000 rows (100 rows by default), therefor you will have to run on the different pages with the page_index property in order to get all the results.

You can get all the actions or filter them by a specific action.
Optional filter (the type of the action to narrow the results):’emailOpened‘, ‘emailClicked‘, ‘emailBounced‘, ‘emailUnsubscribed‘, ‘emailWebVersion‘ ,’emailPublicWebVersion‘, ‘emailPrinted‘.

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